Band in Mumbai
13 Band in Mumbai
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Production Code: 113
Guest Stars: Saniya Anklesariya as Max,

Ayush Narang as Noodle,
Rishabh Chadha as Rahul

Writer: Billy Riback
Director: Vasant Valsan
Originally Aired: July 8, 2012
"Nurse Karan"

"Band in Mumbai" is the 13th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. Karan, Kabir, Max, and Noodle make a band called Double Rock to compete in the band competition at the Tipton, but the band is partly broken up when Karan and Kabir fight over which is more important to the band: the looks, or the song.


Karan, Kabir, Max, and Noodle decide to start a band called "Double Rock" to win the event at The Raj Mahal Hotel, Bands ki Takkar. Whoever wins, gets a record of their own. But, Karan only cares about his clothes and keeps on messing up the words.

Kabir is too serious and only cares about the way the music sounds and is too strict with the band. They fight and Kabir starts a new band with Digital and Shobhaji, taking his lyrics along with him. Max and Noodle realize that they can't do it without Kabir, so they lock the two in a closet to let them work it out.

Max tells Shobhaji to let them out when they work it out (and to let them out in 10 minutes) but Shobhaji falls asleep. When the band is getting ready, Karan and Kabir aren't there, so Max and Noodle go to look for them, finding out that they crawled into the air conditioning vent. When it's there turn to perform, Karan & Kabir finally arrive, with the help of Digital.

Meanwhile, Vinnie and Rahul's band (Waterworks) is having trouble too. Someone got water in their instruments, and Vinnie is really upset, saying how she needed that record, so she can get rich. When Rani hears them and says that she will fix the instruments on the condition that Rani can be in the band. After playing the tambourine and complaining, Vinnie and Rahul decide to let Rani sing with Vinnie. But they find out that Rani sings horribly.

So, the night they perform, they turn off Rani's mic so you can't hear her singing. When Rani figures it out and she thinks her mike's broken so she asks to share with Vinnie. Vinnie says no and Rani asks why.

Then Vinnie blurts out, without thinking. Rani, hurt & embarrassed, runs off the stage and into the corridor. Vinnie follows her into the corridor, apologizing. Rani forgives her, saying that her daddy owns a few recording companies and she could have made a CD anytime. Vinnie stares at her open mouthed. Double Rock ends up winning the competition.




  • The Hindi name for this episode would be 'मुंबई में बैंड'.